January, 2009


This Privacy Statement ensures the confidentiality, security and integrity of user financial information. Any user of MC Marketing Communications Inc.’s (MCI) GO Figure website is protected by the rights and safeguards contained in this Privacy Statement.


"Personal information" is personally identifiable information such as the user name, residential address and e-mail address. (Publicly available information, such as a public directory listing of a user’s name, address, telephone number and electronic address, is not considered personal information).

Whenever a user chooses to either browse the site or save his/her financial database profile for fast information updates, MCI/GO Figure does not ask for or collect any identifiable personal information (such as name, address, account number, etc.). Any and all information collected and stored by MCI is totally anonymous or “non-personal”.


Data is collected only when a user elects to ‘save’ his/her financial worksheet calculations (“save your profile”) via confidential username and password aliases known only to them at login. No personal information is ever required to store or update GO Figure worksheet calculations.

Anonymous or "non-personal" information gathered by MCI may be used for technical, research and analytical purposes on an aggregated basis.

Unless users specifically authorize us to release any information, or release is required or permitted by law, MCI will not sell, lease or trade information to other third parties.


No personal information is required to store or modify GO Figure worksheet calculations; instead, the user logs in via username and password aliases. As such, data is confidential to the user of the alias.

Confidentiality may be compromised should a user:

  • Voluntarily or involuntarily share their alias;

  • Uses a personal identifier (name, etc.) as an alias as opposed to a made-up alias;

  • Voluntarily elect to contact a Financial Representative or other party to discuss their GO Figure calculations and seek advice;

  • Voluntarily use the ‘contact us’ email function that may be present and accessed from within the GO

  • Figure site (see Security below). In sending an email, your email address and content is known to the receiver.

MCI may occasionally post a market research survey to the GO Figure site to improve content and user benefits. Participation in such a survey is completely voluntary. Results of a survey would be used strictly on an aggregated basis.

MCI may occasionally post a contest to the GO Figure site. Participation in such a contest is completely voluntary. Requested information may include name, address, phone number or email address. This information will be used for the purpose of contacting winners and awarding prizes unless other uses are specifically indicated.

MCI reserves the right to delete saved user data files should the third party Licensing Agreement be terminated for whatever reason. MCI has the right to delete saved user files that have not been accessed within a two-year period of the initial saved file.


Our website incorporates security technologies such as industry recognized anti-virus software and firewall protection. It also includes a VeriSign issued Digital ID for the Internet Service Provider and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption. Once a server session is established on an https secure page, the user and server are in a secured environment. Because this server has been certified as a 128 bit secure server by VeriSign, data passing between the user and server is encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. With SSL, data that transfers between the site and user is encrypted and can only be decrypted with the public and private key pair. MCI’s server issues a public key to the user’s browser and creates a temporary private site. These two keys are the only combination possible for the session. When a session is complete, the keys expire and the whole process starts over when a new user initiates a server session. In some cases, Licensed Clients may elect to run on a regular http protocol for faster calculation processing by users. Using user aliases to log into the site ensures information confidentiality.

Security measures, such as the use of passwords and encryption have been adopted to protect database information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification. MCI & its third party providers respect user privacy at all times. Employees with access to any information shall use this information strictly in accordance with the MCI Privacy Policy and the applicable laws.

Use of the ‘contact us’ email function that may be present and accessed within the site is voluntary. However, any unprotected e-mail communication over the Internet is not confidential and is subject to possible interception, loss or alteration. MCI is not responsible or liable to a user or other party for damages resulting from interception, loss or alteration of an email.


MCI uses a browser feature called a ‘cookie’ to collect information anonymously and track user patterns on our websites. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on a user’s hard disk by a website. "Cookies" contain a unique identification number that identifies a user’s browser, but not the user, to our computers each time a user visits our website. Cookies tell us which pages of our websites are visited and by how many people. The use of cookies is an industry standard and many major browsers are initially set up to accept them. Users can reset their browser to either refuse to accept all cookies or be notified about receiving a cookie. If users refuse to accept cookies, they may not be able to use some of the website features.


For any questions or concerns about information held by MCI or about the compliance, contact MCI’s Privacy Officer directly at MC Marketing Communications Inc., 7450 Ninth Line, Markham, Ontario, L6B 1A8, Canada.


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